Darix  “S” semi-automatic case-maker  machine is a simplified version of our Darix Standard.

Mainly created to make traditional book covers and photo books, it is the ideal machine for small runs with frequent  size changes that do not need to get a big  production of books and/or photo books.

It is ideal for those approaching this job for the first time, for those who have just started and want to gain practice by combining manual use with the mechanical part of the machine.

Should you then need to increase the quantities produced, it will be easy to turn to more automatic versions of our Darix models.

It consists of a hot glue gluing unit, a table equipped with suction areas that keep the sheet stationary, a reference system to position the cartons, a free roller to perform the turning-in operation and a simple system for  corner cutting.

It can also be provided for the inclusion of options, such as an automatic viscosity control system.

The machine was designed to be easy to use for the operator, ensuring a high quality of the output produced.

Technical features Darix “S”
Semi-Automatic Case maker

(Simplified model of our Darix Standard)

  • hot melt gluing unit (optional: viscosity control)
  • vacuum table
  • central light for printing reference
  • manual positioning system 2 cartons and spine
  • turning in system with free roller
  • corner cutting device mounted on the side of the table
  • machinery mounted on wheels to allow easy movement
  • programmable timer for heating ignition
  • maximum format 460mm x 1000mm
  • does not require compressed air
Darix S

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