Samed Innovazioni was born 15 years ago in Prato (Italy) where it currently has its headquarters and its drawing division, construction and testing of machines, on owned design and Patents, dedicated to the sector of Finishing and Bookbinding.

Samed Innovazioni, focusing on continuous and constant research, thanks to its flexible and unique systems in the industry, is able to satisfy every customer with highly innovative solutions in the production of versatile machines, designed for small and medium runs.

Simplicity and compactness are always the principles that characterize Samed Innovazioni philosophy: machines that can realize semi-automatic and fully automatic productions.

Samed Innovazioni machines have the particularity of being used either to create covers for traditional books and photo-books, luxury packaging boxes of high quality and value, both, with special frames such as “S” curved or “Windowed“ products in various sizes and shapes, without the use of tools or mechanical parts replacements.

Samed Solution: Simplicity into Innovation!