Casing-In and Press & Jointing Machinery

The Casing-In and Press & Jointing are machines that complete the production phase of books and photo books.

All our machines for paper converting and bookbinding are designed, built and tested on proprietary designs and patents and have been designed to meet the production needs of small and medium print runs.

For this reason, they can be used by a single operator, to allow companies to improve production efficiency and considerably optimize costs.

They are easy to use even by unskilled personnel or who have not worked in the sector for a long time.

Semi-automatic Casing-In Machine

Press & Jointing Machine

The casing-in machine we offer on the market is semi-automatic, particularly recommended for small runs given the production speed of about 200 books/hour. It has been designed to manually glue the book block inside the cover by using vinyl glue. Upon explicit customer request, we can also prepare the machinery with the use of hot melt glue.

It allows the format change in just 2 minutes, in order to adapt to the book block measurements, going to act with simple manual adjustments, therefore without the need for mechanical interventions.

The maintenance of the casing machine is quick and easy: the cleaning time of the rollers is estimated in about 5 minutes with the use of additional trays, which are supplied with the delivery of the machinery. If hot melt glue is used, cleaning is not necessary, as the glue solidifies in the tank.

Our press and jointing for semi-automatic book blocks is ideal for small print runs or reduced production needs.

The temperature and the press time can be set by the operator based on the needs of the production batch of books and photo books.

The changeover time is estimated in less than a minute which makes this machine versatile and adaptable quickly.

The Kostanza casing machine and the Bordino press and jointing machine can be sold both together and separately. If they are sold together, the overall setting for the compressed air will be made on the Kostanza machine and the total consumption for the two machines will be 100 NL/H 6 Bar -Absorption = 2.5 Kw.

While as regards the control panel for both machines it will be mounted on the Kostanza machine. In the event that the machines are sold separately, each machine will have its own control panel and an independent compressed air supply.

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