Semi automatic Case-Maker machine “Darix Standard”,  46 /100 cm.

It is suitable for the gluing and turning in for short/medium production of books in different sizes, rigid calendars, files,  game boards, puzzles, displays, sections of luxury boxes and “Windowed” products  (straight or inclined).

It is set up with a central reference light to keep the maximum accuracy between print paper and central spine (required for luxury jobs)

Practical, installed on wheels, it can be easily placed and moved everywhere.

Technology, compactness and great simplicity in its use, Darix Standard casemaker machine gives the opportunity to produce each kind of job with an industrial rigor. Machinery particularly suitable for bookbinding and for short/medium runs of books on demand.

Darix can run “window” products without any mechanical adjustment.

  • Min. size: 10,5×17 cm (open case).
  • Max. size: 46×100 cm.
  • Extra size: 70×100 cm.
  • Minimum floor space: 4 M2
  • Production speed: 3-4 pcs/minute.
  • 1 operator only.
  • Change over time: about 2 minute.

Additional Equipment

  • Module for small size covers 60×180 mm.
    Central light for reference.
  • Kit to feed up to 5 board pieces.
  • Extra size machine = 700×1000 mm.
  • Viscometer: device for the automatic control of the glue viscosity by computerized setting, complete of glue mixer, glue level sensor and and automatic water feeding to keep the glue viscosity.
darix standard Semi autom. casemaking machine

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