Kit for Small Bindery

Our machines, made on drawings and proprietary patents, have been designed to meet the production needs of small and medium-sized companies operating in the paper converting, bookbinding and photo book sectors.

With this in mind, to further simplify the choice of production machinery suitable for small and medium runs, we have designed the KIT for small bookbinding, which allows you to complete, in complete autonomy, the production cycle of books and photobooks, thus concluding the necessary work on the book block.

Since the creation of the book block cover, until the realization of the finished book, we have identified three machinery adequate to cover three different stages of the production process:

  1. case-maker
  2. casing-in
  3. press and jointing

A kit of the same, also have a manual corner cutter.

Semi-automatic case maker 2 sides

Semi-automatic casing machine.

Semi-automatic press and jointing.

Manual corner cutter.

The selected machines are compact in size and can be used by a single operator, in order to allow companies to optimize costs, improving production efficiency and also allow the company to place them even in smaller spaces.

Designed to be a real help to the operator and allow easy use even by non-specialized personnel who have not worked in the sector for a long time, they are therefore machines that are simple to use, but at the same time innovative and extremely precise.

The casemaker included in the kit creates covers for both traditional books and photo books and allows you to easily create production lines with special shapes, such as sides with an “S” profile or “windowed” of various sizes and shapes.

The realization of the aforementioned special forms, thanks to the patented system that we use for our machines with turn-on by brushes, does not require mechanical interventions.

The casing-in machine, with the support of an operator, glues the book inside the cover by using vinyl glue. Upon explicit request it is possible to prepare the machinery for the use of hot melt glue.

Finally, the press and jointing machinery proceeds by pressing the book and creating the jointing, by using blades heated to an adjustable temperature by the operator.

The purchase of these three machines and the use of the same in this order allows you to independently produce books and photo books even in small production lots. They are ideal for companies that do not need to automate the process for large quantities.

The three machines are completely autonomous from each other and allow the operator to establish methods, working times and production, since they are managed separately by different control panels.

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