Photofold Single Unit: Off-line Creasing Machine.

Our Off-line Single Photofold is an ideal creasing model for those who produce photo books, especially for medium-high production quantities.

It is a single automatic unit for creasing, folding and pressing of photos for the creation of high quality photo books.

The machine is composed by an automatic photo feeder with suction cup system, a creasing blade, a folding system and a final press.

What makes it unique in the market, is the final press that assures a perfect flatness following creasing and folding.

The operator can set the pressing time and temperature, as the press is equipped with its own heating.

It is precise and simple to use.

It can work individually or in line with our Photofast Hot Melt.

Technical characteristics of the Photofold Automatic-Single Unit

  • Minimum format: photo book height 152.4 mm; photo book width 200 mm (open photo book measures 152.4 x 400 mm).
  • Maximum format: photo book height 480 mm; photo book width 400 mm (open photo book measurements 480 mm 800 mm).
  • Weight of the photos: minimum 250 gr; maximum 350 gr.
  • Weight of the cardboard support: minimum 250 gr; maximum 350 gr.
  • Presence of product collection tray.
  • Speed: up to 25 cycles/minute.
  • Overall dimensions: cm 200 x 110 x 190 H (length/width/height).
  • Gross weight: 438 Kg.
  • Net weight: 358 Kg.
  • Electrical Power: 400 Volts 3 Phases + Earth + Neutral 50/60 Hz.
  • Power: 2.5 Kw 16 Amp 400V + N + T.
  • Compressed air: about 200 Nl / h 6 BAR.

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