Fully automatic case maker machine for big sizes, possibility to set from 1 up to 3 board pieces. 

Computerized change over format.

Gluing group removable for a fast access and clearing.

Possibility to run formats up to 1500×700 mm with non stop feeding.

Machinery set with predisposition to work in line with lining machinery mod. “Pendix” to get a complete production running and lining application in one sole cycle.

Optimal solution, compact and high production machinery for medium runs and big sizes, solution very flexible and intuitive.

Min. size: 15×20 cm.

Max. size: 50x 70 cm.

Production speed: up to 20 pcs/minute.

1 operator only.

Change over time: between 5-10 minutes.

Additional Equipment

  • Possibility to set up 1 up to 3 pieces board.
  • Extra size machine: 700×1100 mm or 700×1400 mm.
  • Glue pump with tank for cold glue (for lining works).

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