Darix Evolution Turbo

Fully automatic case maker machine suitable for the medium runs.

It can be set up from 1 to maximum 5 board sections to produce luxury boxes, rigid covers and mono-piece works with lining, windowed and special side profiles, without any mechanical adjustment.

It is possible to work in line with lining machinery mod. “Pendix” to get a complete production running and lining application in one sole cycle.

Solution very compact and functional, highly flexible and intuitive.

High standard level and accuracy.

Fast and easy change over time by a computerized system and simple operations.

NON STOP FEEDING for board and pre-cut rigid spine

1 OPERATOR ONLY – size: cm 46×90 (open case)


Additional Equipment

  • Extra size machine: 700×900 mm
  • Kit to feed up to 5 board pieces

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