Our Automatic gluing in machine to form photo books mod. PHOTOFAST HOT MELT” will be completed with its sister mod. “PHOTOFOLD” automatic Creasing Unit, to get a working in line for photo book production.

This new combination allows a working procedure more linear and productive, avoiding manual operations.

From PHOTOFOLD unit, photos exit just creased, folded and pressed to be fed into gluing unit Photofast Hot melt, up to get a complete photo book.

(Speed 25 cycles/minute).

The change over time, very fast and intuitive and mostly without any mechanical part to change, makes this new line with its particularities, unique in its field.

n. 04 steps controlled by 1 single operator (creasing, folding, pressing and gluing in).

Technical Data for the production line

  • Minimum size: Height 152,4 mm – Width 180 mm (open 152,4 mm x 360 mm).
  • Maximum size: Height 480 mm – Width400 mm (open 480 mm x 800 mm).
  • Weight for photos: Min: 250 gr – Max: 350 gr.
  • Board support weight: Min: 250 gr – Max: 350 gr.
  • Speed: up to 25 cycles/minute.
  • Overall dimension: CM 350 x 150 x 180 H (Length/Width/Height).
  • Weight: Photofold Unit Gross Weight kg 300 Net weight kg 200.
  • Photofast hot melt unit with heater Gorss weight kg 1050 Net weight kg 935.
  • Electric Power: 400 Volts 3Phases + G + N 50/60 Hz.
  • Power: 8.5 Kw.
  • Compressed Air: approx. 200 Nl/h 6 BAR.
Feeding by Double separated hopper (pre-folded photos and light board support).
Perfect lay flat opening for “Panoramic pages” view.
Use of Hot Melt with application by gluing rollers.
Line set up to get steam suction.
Possibility to run professional photo books even in big sizes.

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