MM-1 Manual Corner Cutter – STRAIGHT CUT 45°

It’s a simple and an easy device to cut the corners of the covering material.

This operation has to be done before the glueing and turning in of  the covering material on our case maker machinery (Darix, Darix Evolution, Darix Turbo etc).

The corner cutter is composed by:

  • Cutting head with blade and counter blade at 45°
  • Fast and easy regulating of cutting deep, without any tool, 45° cut perfectly kept, press at time of cutting, Paper Waste conveyor,  it is not needed any electrical supply
  • Transparent Safety Protection in the cutting zone.
  • Heavy metal structure, set up on a base with 4 adjustable feet.
  • Working Plane and paper square registrable horizontally to get the cutting length. 
  • Superior and inferior knives made of hardened steel.
  • Foot pedal to start the cutting head
  • Paper Waste conveyor, 
  • Maximum cutting height = 30 mm
  • Machine weight = kg 50
  • Cutting plane height from the ground = 900 mm
  • Machine overall dimensions: 800 x 800 x 1000 mm H

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