Kostanza: Semi automatic Casing in machine to glue the book block to the cover.

Suitable for short runs

Use of cold vinylic glue, change over format by simple regulations by handfast and easy clearing operations.

Casing-in machine.

  • Min. book size: H 10 cm W=8 cm.
  • Max. book size: H.48 cm W=45cm.
  • Production speed: approximately.
  • 200 books/hour.
  • Book thickness: Min: 0.5 cm – Max: 10 cm.
  • 1 operator only.
  • Change over time: about 2 minutes. 


KOSTANZA and BORDINO machinery can be sold together or separated. If the are sold together, the setting up for compressed air is done on kostanza unit and the total air consumption will be 100nl/h 6 bar -power 2.5 Kw.

Both machinery will have 1 sole operator control pannel on kostanza unit.

In case they are sold separately, each machinery will have its single air consumption as specified in the list and its own operator control pannel.

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