Photofast Light semiautomatica

Following up the great request from our Customers and our willing to have a new machine able to reduce Photoalbum costs, it is now available our new  semi-automatic PHOTOFAST light

It is a gluing machine for photo-books composed by creasing/folded pictures and board between 3m 라벨홈 프로그램 다운로드.

The purpose is to get this kind of job without use of pre-glued board giving GREAT saving cost to the producer using normal board or PVC 카카오톡 인앱브라우저.

PHOTOFAST light  is very compact and, even if manual feeding, its speed is still high.

One operator feeds ,into the relative guides, pictures and boards and he can see and reset easily, just in case something wrong happens,  without using any tools Geometry dash apk drop box. He can run the machine sitting in front or standing up.

It is ideal for quantity production from 5-6 photo-books daily up Android ftp file.

For high quantity production it is available- from time on the market- our PHOTOFAST HOT MELT –fully automatic-in-line with creasing unit PHOTOFOLD endless os 다운로드.

It is a simple machine (PATENTED) 훈민 시트. The operator feeds by hand folded pictures and board into the guide in front of the machine. Pictures and board meet a gluing roll that  apply HOT MELT glue and immediately the press complete the book block 3ds YokaiWatch.

We have a lot of advantages such as :

  • Easy concept  and intuitive compared to all systems on the market 원아워 원라이프. In case of any  problems, operator can solve it without removing any mechanical parts.
  • Overall space very compact  1,4 mq 짱구는 못말려 극장판 26기.
  • Gluing system by one sole roll designed by us with electricity heating system.
  • Possibility to get  books over100 pictures
  • Possibility to get sequence of books without removing  one by one mr configurator 다운로드.
  • Change over size extremely fast  (less than 2 minutes)
  • Hot melt glue  from brand HENKEL  well tested by us and recommended ( his cost is about6,50 Euro / kg)
  • Glue quantity application : 30 g/ sqm  ,example:
  • To get a book of 25 Photo and 25 boards –  size 30 x 40 cm- needs 180 grams/ glue and you
  •  can get 5 ,5 books of such dimension.
  • Each book of that dimension is made into 3,5 minutes.
  • Finish books need a light press for a max 5 minutes   in function of number of pages.
  • Ideal machine for customers  having production of 5 books daily up.
  • Front operator panel easily  and possibility to get special cycle.
  • Machine is delivered  with video and book instruction  sufficient to start and make production immediately .

Technical features

  • Max format 480 x 800  (open picture)
  • Min format 150×300 (open picture)
  • Picture weight  250/350 gsm.
  • Board  weight 250/350 gsm.   Possibility to feed more than  1 board between pictures and possibility  to feed PVC sheets up to 1,5 mm. thickness.
  • Possibility   to get duplexing card  and remove out a batch of 50 cards ( 100 sheets)
  • Speed   15-20 /min. in function of the operator.
  • Electricity 400 V3ph/ N /G
  • Power 4,5KW  16 A
  • Air pressure  6 Bar 200 l/H
  • Glue tank capacity:   3,5 kg easy feeding by the operator  following min/max level.
  • Kind of glue   HOT MELT at temperature  125 C°
  • Overall dimension 1,2 x 1,2 mq.  Hight 1,4 mt. ideal for small laboratory.
  • Operator can run the machine  standing or sitting in front of.
  • Weight  300 kg.

Photofast Light

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