Darix with automatic board feeder

Case maker machine with automatic board feeder

It is a simple semi-automatic case maker machine with board feeder that can be used by a sole operator Download msg.exe.

It is suitable to produce book covers, special boxes for luxury products, table calendars, rigid displays with particular side profiles and windowed products, without any mechanical changement. 내사랑울보 다운로드.

Fast, intuitive and easy change over format.

Minimum size (open Case): 105 x 170 mm – 60 x 180 mm with special small size device
Maximum size (open Case): 460 x 1000 mm
Minimum thickness of the board: 1,5 mm
Productivity Up to 250 pieces / hour (as per size and operator skillfulness)

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• Module for small size covers 60 x 180 mm
• Central light for reference
• Kit to feed 5 board pieces (set up on autom board feeder)
• Extra size machine = 700 x 1000 mm
• Viscometer:
device for the automatic control of the glue viscosity
by computerized setting, complete of glue mixer, glue level sensor and and automatic water feeding to keep the glue viscosity